Enhance customer experience with SmoothLoop™ video displays.

Picture Perfect SmoothLoop™

Bring lobbies and waiting rooms to life with sound and movement through video.

Patented SmoothLoop™ technology is changing the way the world sees pictures with state-of-the-art high definition video displays. These displays are wall mounted to play SmoothLoop™ video content that:

  • Creates an ambiance and setting that is impossible to achieve with static images.
  • Draws each viewer into each and every setting with the video's immersive content.
  • Creates buzz for your brand when you deliver this unique and memorable experience.

SmoothLoop™ provides downloadable video content for display panels in homes, offices, public areas, retail establishments, for use in lobbies, conference rooms, classrooms and waiting rooms.

SmoothLoop™ is completely customizable and can work with any screen that has our digital media player added to it.

The SmoothLoop™ digital media player:

  • Works with all screens, display panels, digital signs, and virtual reality headsets (audio is optional)
  • Allows for programmable scheduling of video content
  • Contains hardware and software to download and play video content
  • Integrates ability to upload video content to the player remotely
  • Grants access to the SmoothLoop™ content library subscription service featuring video content of outdoor environments

Greet guests with new, unique video displays.

Video Wall

Greet guests with new, unique video displays.

Competitive Advantages

  • SmoothLoop™ patented technology with 28 original and new to the world claims
  • Picture-perfect immersive content with excellent image quality and seemingly real-time content
  • Competitively and realistically priced
  • Customized UHD/1080 and 4k display units; single piece or mosaic options
  • Adaptable to existing display units and monitors
  • Adaptable to changing technologies
  • Ability to change the video content setting to another video manually or with the smart phone app
  • Ambiance that fits and adapts to any setting with the simple choice of content
  • Ability to set your sleep schedule to the video content and also wake to the content through programmed Blue Tooth wireless technology
  • Customized content; cloud library access
  • Ability to deliver seamless images, scalable to any size or shape, and excellent optical characteristics

Revenue Management

  • Hardware and software pre-installed and embedded
  • Installed by select IT professionals
  • Supported by an annual service subscription that includes 24/7 technical support as well as assistance from project managers and consultants
  • Includes flexibility to manage content
  • The product is scalable

Market Scale and Scope

SmoothLoop™ will have a fantastic niche in an estimated $100+ billion Pro AV industry because it uses new technology to improve ambiance, interactive experiences, sales, and marketing.

Market research shows:

  • A need and expectation for an improved consumer experience in hospitality, healthcare, and professional service industries
  • Value for creating a work space with ambiance and interactive environments
  • Workplace art has an impact on work ethic, motivation, creativity, stress-level, and general well-being

Target Audience

  • Consumer
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sports Venues
  • Transportation

Deliver a unique memorable experience with state-of-the-art high definition video displays.

Content Library

  • New Videos - New Releases
  • Limited Edition
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Nature Scenes
  • Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon
  • United States National Parks
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy
  • Canyons and Caverns
  • Cities, Villages, and Towns
  • Clouds / Skies / Stars / Northern Lights
  • Sunrises and Sunsets
  • Desert and Rock Landscapes
  • Flowers, Leaves, Grass, and Foliage
  • Woodlands, Trees, and Forest Trails
  • Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, and Streams
  • Mountains Aspens, Prairies, and Lakes
  • Farms and Farmland Settings
  • Oceans, Beaches, and Harbours
  • Prairies, Fields, Grasslands, Foothills, and Mountains
  • Cabins, Retreats, and Shacks
  • Volcanos and Hot Springs
  • Golf Courses